Ishan Kishan: Rahul’s Replacement for WTC based on IPL 2023 Performance

The World Test Championship (WTC) is a highly prestigious cricket tournament that showcases. The best talent in the longest format of the game. When it comes to selecting players for such a crucial event. Performance and form play a significant role in determining the final squad. In recent years, IPL has become a platform where players can display their skills and catch the attention of national selectors. One such player who has been making waves in the IPL 2023 season is Ishan Kishan. With his explosive batting and impressive consistency. Kishan has emerged as a strong contender for replacing KL Rahul in the Indian Test team for the WTC.

IPL 2023: Kishan’s Impressive Run:

The 2023 edition of the Indian Premier League witnessed some breathtaking performances from young players. And Ishan Kishan was no exception. Representing the Mumbai Indians, Kishan showcased his exceptional talent and proved to be a game-changer for his team. Opening the innings, Kishan amassed a staggering 600+ runs in the tournament. Making him one of the leading run-scorers of the season. His batting strike rate of 150+ was a testament to his aggressive approach, consistently putting pressure on the opposition bowlers.

Versatility and Adaptability:

One of the key factors that make Kishan a strong candidate for the WTC is his versatility as a batsman. While he is known for his explosive batting in the shorter formats. Kishan has shown remarkable adaptability and technique to succeed in the longer format as well. His ability to build innings, play long innings, and anchor the innings when required sets him apart from other contenders. Moreover, Kishan has proven his ability to handle quality pace and spin attacks. Making him a well-rounded batsman suited for Test cricket.

Youthful Energy and Fearlessness Players of IPL:

The Indian Test team has undergone a transition phase in recent years, with several senior players retiring or nearing the end of their careers. In this scenario, injecting fresh blood and youthful energy is vital to maintain the team’s competitive edge. Ishan Kishan, at the age of 24, represents the new generation of cricketers who bring both talent and enthusiasm to the table. His fearless approach to batting, coupled with his ability to take on any bowling attack, makes him a valuable asset in high-pressure situations.

Adaptability to Different Roles:

In the IPL, Kishan has displayed his adaptability by performing in different roles according to the team’s requirements. While opening the innings, he has provided explosive starts, but he has also shown his ability to stabilize the innings by moving down the order when needed. This versatility is crucial in Test cricket, where the batting order often needs to be shuffled based on the match situation. Kishan’s flexibility and adaptability make him a valuable option for the Indian team management to utilize him in various batting positions.


Ishan Kishan’s scintillating performance in the IPL 2023 has made a strong case for his inclusion in the Indian Test team for the World Test Championship. His consistency, adaptability, and fearlessness against quality bowling attacks have caught the attention of cricket enthusiasts and experts alike. While KL Rahul has been a reliable performer, Kishan’s recent exploits in the IPL make him a compelling replacement option. The WTC demands a combination of skill, temperament, and youth, and Kishan seems to possess all these qualities. It will be interesting to see whether the Indian selectors give him the opportunity to shine on the grandest stage of Test cricket.

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